Looking to save a little extra on your pick up?

Although having your items organized and sorted is not required, a little goes a long way in keeping the cost of your removal down.

  • Sorting

    The days of dumping everything into the landfill are long gone. Keeping certain items separate allows us to easily organize recyclable materials.

    * These are just a few of the items we recycle. Visit our Recycling Services page for a full list of items.

  • Organization

    Having the junk in a pile(s), or pointing us in the right direction of any ‘difficult to move’ items, gives us a clear view of the overall volume. This way, we can provide you with the most accurate price before any work begins. If you have yard waste, piling it onto a tarp or bagging it up is another helpful money saving tip.

  • Accessibility

    The closer we can park the truck to your junk, the better. Having your items at curb side, or in an easily accessible area saves time with loading, and saves you money. Leave any large or heavy items that are difficult to carry where they are. Our professional staff will remove them from your home / business carefully and efficiently.

  • Schedule a Pick Up

    Now that you’re ready to go, Call Us or Book a Free Estimate Online. We will assess the job and provide you with an all inclusive price quote before any work begins.