Holiday Junk Guide

Holiday Junk Guide

This Christmas, Canadians will wrap presents with six million rolls of tape and enough paper to cover 43,000 hockey rinks. Talk about a season of excess! It’s no surprise that we find ourselves overwhelmed by garbage at the end of the Christmas season.

So… how do you deal with all that waste? Read on for some handy tips.

Christmas tree chipping in Victoria

Canadians will buy an estimated 27.8 million natural Christmas trees this holiday season. So where do they all go when the new year comes? CRD regulations prohibit any Christmas trees or greenery to be added to the landfill. Click here for a full list of CRD yards accepting Christmas trees wreaths, holly and evergreen boughs.

Better yet, take your tree to one of the many Christmas tree chipping events to support a charity in your region. Drop off your tree along with a small donation and they’ll take care of the rest. There are events happening throughout the region, and they are usually announced closer to the end of December. We’ll update this page as the listings become available.

Returnable beverage containers

Are the empty bottles and cans from your Christmas cheer filling up your garage? Save your refundable beverage containers for an upcoming bottle drive in your neighbourhood. And did you know that the Bottle Depot has charity donation bins? If you’re happy to donate your refund, just look for the big yellow and blue bins in front of each depot. You can even call the Bottle Depot and have them pick up your empties right from your house. Each month, refunds from all everything collected in the charity donation bins are donated to a selected charity.

Here’s a handy tip: the Bottle Depot also accepts electronics and small appliances, batteries, electronic toys, and lights and fixtures.


One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! With that in mind, think about how you can put those tacky gifts you received to good use. Rather than throwing away gifts you might not want to keep, consider these ways to reuse or regift them:

  • Donate to a charity thrift store Support a local charity by donating clothes and unwanted gifts to a thrift store. Proceeds from the items they sell support people in need in your own community. Some popular stores include the Salvation Army, WIN (Women in Need), and St. Vincent de Paul. If it’s convenience you’re after, phone the Canadian Diabetes Association or Big Brothers Big Sisters Greater Victoria and they’ll  pick up your donation right from your house.
  • Donate to a shelter Local shelters are always in need of basic items they can share with their clients. Think about socks and shoes, toques and mittens, even underwear and toiletries. The City of Victoria has put together a great list of emergency shelters. Give them a phone call and arrange a time to drop your things off.
  • Regift – Did you receive a tacky tie or ugly salt and pepper shakers as a joke? Save oddball items for a tacky gift exchange party next year and keep them out of the landfill.

Atlas Junk Removal wishes you and yours a joyous holiday season.

– Wes and Aaron